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Can organizational efforts lead to less secondary traumatic stress? A longitudinal investigation of change.

Pages 443-453. Sprang, Ginny; Lei, Feitong; Bush, Heather.

Impact of perceived discrimination on depression and anxiety among Muslim college students: The role of acculturative stress, religious support, and Muslim identity

Pages 454-463. Tineo, Petty; Lowe, Sarah R.; Reyes-Portillo, Jazmin A.; Fuentes, Milton A.

Symptom patterns of sexually abused teenage girls seeking services

Pages 464-476. Hébert, Martine; Paradis, Alison; Fortin, Andréanne.

Testing the competing life reinforcers model for substance use in reserve-dwelling First Nation youth

Pages 477-486. Spillane, Nichea S.; Schick, Melissa R.; Nalven, Tessa; Goldstein, Silvi C.; Kirk-Provencher, Katelyn T.; Hill, Danielle; Kahler, Christopher W. 

Black adolescents’ anticipatory stress responses to multilevel racism: The role of racial identity

Pages 487-498. Hope, Elan C.; Brinkman, Marissa; Hoggard, Lori S.; Stokes, McKenzie N.; Hatton, Vanessa; Volpe, Vanessa V.; Elliot, Erin. 

Experiences of mental health and functioning among conflict-affected populations: A qualitative study with military veterans and displaced persons in Ukraine

Pages 499-513. Singh, Namrita S.; Bogdanov, Sergiy; Doty, Benjamin; Haroz, Emily; Girnyk, Andriy; Chernobrovkina, Vira; Murray, Laura K.; Bass, Judith K.; Bolton, Paul A. 

The comparative effectiveness of different models of permanent supportive housing on problematic substance use, depression, and anxiety symptoms over time

Pages 514-523. Dickson-Gomez, Julia; McAuliffe, Timothy; Quinn, Katherine; Spector, Antoinette; Toepfer, Peter; Bendixen, Arturo; DiFranceisco, Wayne. 

Online racism, psychological distress, and alcohol use among racial minority women and men: A multi-group mediation analysis

Pages 524-530. Keum, Brian T. H.; Cano, Miguel Á. 

Chinese only children and loneliness: Stereotypes and realities

Pages 531-544. Lin, Shengjie; Falbo, Toni; Qu, Wen; Wang, Yidan; Feng, Xiaotian. 

Wanna grab some dinner? Social relations between helping professionals and members of community mental health or other human service organizations

Pages 545-557. Prince, Jonathan D.; Mora-Lett, Olivia; Lalayants, Marina; Brown, Adam. 

Production and maintenance of the institutional in/visibility of sexual and gender minority students in schools

Pages 558-568. Kuhlemeier, Alena; Goodkind, Jessica R.; Willging, Cathleen E. 

Disability, health, and quality of life among homeless women: A follow-up study

Pages 569-577. Guillén, Ana I.; Panadero, Sonia; Vázquez, José Juan. 

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