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The Global Alliance and the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) share a commitment to research, education, and practice to promote social justice and the well-being of communities. Our partner agreement gives SCRA members the benefits of the Global Alliance at a reduced rate!

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2. An online subscription to the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry (AJO) 

AJOWant to stay abreast of the latest behavioral health research?

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AJO is dedicated to informing public policy and professional practice related to mental health and substance abuse. Consistent with Global Alliance's mission, the journal publishes articles that clarify, challenge, or reshape the prevailing understanding of factors necessary for a humane and just society. The journal is published 6 times a year, including special issues.

AJO includes a unique magazine-in-a-journal: Social Innovations promotes discussion of strategies for developing new social settings and changing social norms to promote mental health.

Recent AJO topics have included:

  • Causes and solutions to behavioral healthcare disparities
  • Adaption of behavioral health methods to the needs of racial, ethnic, cultural and other minority groups
  • Responses to natural and human-made disasters
  • Protection of vulnerable persons, including immigrants and refugees, incarcerated populations, and survivors of child trafficking
  • Sociocultural dimensions of behavioral health problems

Sample AJO through our open-access articles:


Teaching with Strengths in Trauma-Affected Students: A New Approach to Healing and Growth in the Classroom

Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Context: Examining Trauma Responses to Violet Exposures and Homicide Death Among Black Males in Urban Neighborhoods

Evaluation and Assessment

How People Evaluate Others with Social Anxiety Disorder: A Comparison to Depression and General Mental Illness Stigma

Suicide Risk Assessments: Examining Influences on Clinicians' Professional Judgment

Group Care

Consensus Statement on Group Care for Children and Adolescents: A Statement of Policy of the American Orthopsychiatric Association

Reintegration of Veterans Facilitating Reintegration for Military Service Personnel, Veterans, and Their Families: An Introduction to the Special Issue
Culturally Competent Services Culturally Competent Evidence-Based Behavioral Health Services for the Transgender Community: Progress and Challenges 

Remember...your membership to the Global Alliance gives you access to ALL of the articles in AJO!

3. Access to Resources & NetworkingGroup

Your partner membership gives you....

  • Reduced registration rates to Global Alliance-sponsored conferences and meetings
  • Opportunities to participate on topical task forces, board committees....or to run for office
  • Networking with like-minded professionals who share a passion for preventing behavioral health problems and promoting social justice 
  • Access to our podcast, webinars, and other learning opportunities 
  • Full voting privileges and eligibility to hold office
  • Opportunities to nominate students and colleagues for awards 

Are you a student? No problem! In addition to the benefits above, we have opportunities for you.....

  • Join a student interest group
  • Present in our student webinar series
  • Contribute to the student newsletter 
  • Network with students internationally 
  • Self-nominate our ask an adviser or colleague to nominate you for our prestigious Vera Paster Award

4. Opportunity to Promote Behavioral Health and Social Justice Globally

Join with the Global Alliance to promote behavioral health and social justice across the globe.

Our Global Mental Health Task Force issued a Resolution on Global Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. We're part of the Movement for Global Mental Health.