The Global Alliance recognizes exemplary work consistent with our values. We honor those who are engaged in research, policy, and practice with a focus on:

  • creating humane social policy;
  • protecting human rights;
  • preventing behavioral health problems; 
  • strengthening communities, service systems, and policy especially for disadvantaged populations.


Learn about our awards and award winners

  • Presidential Award - Recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exemplary contributions to behavioral health and social justice. Nominated by the President of the Global Alliance. 
  • Max Hayman Award - Recognizes distinguished scholarship in the mental health disciplines that contributes to the elimination of genocide and the remembrance of the Holocaust.
  • Blanche F. Ittleson Award - Recognizes outstanding achievement in the delivery of children's services and the promotion of children's mental health. 
  • Marion Langer Award - Recognizes distinction in social advocacy and the pursuit of human rights.
  • Gary B. Melton Award - Recognizes outstanding achievement in the creation of safe and humane communities for children and families.  
  • Vera Paster Award - Recognizes a graduate student, post-graduate resident, or fellow in a behavioral health or social justice program who is engaged in work that contributes significantly to the social, education, physical, or psychological well-being of persons of color, thereby promoting their empowerment and ameliorating disadvantage from oppression and its effects. 
  • Recognition Award Honorees - Acknowledges significant contributions of individuals or organizations that align with and reflect the Alliance's core values. Nominated by the Membership Committee of the Global Alliance.
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