National Prevention Science Coalition (NPSC) Q&A with Robin Kimbrough-Melton, our Executive Director

What is the National Prevention Science Coalition?

The National Prevention Science Coalition may be best described as a network of individuals and organizations interested in using prevention strategies to improve lives.  The Coalition has more than 500 members and roughly 50 national organization affiliates.  These groups range from the Mental Health America and the American Public Health Association to Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development.  Membership in the Coalition is free of charge.     

What is the purpose of the Coalition? 

The Coalition is concerned about fostering healthy environments for children, youth, families and communities.  They are interested in the application of valid, scientific research to the implementation of policies and practices that prevent problems before they occur. 

How are the goals of the Coalition consistent with the Global Alliance’s mission? 

The Global Alliance was founded as the American Orthopsychiatric Association in 1924.  From its inception, we have been dedicated to the application of theory, research, practice and social action (advocacy) with a goal of preventing and improving conditions for children, youth and families.  (See the editorial in Vol. 87(1) of the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry for a discussion of our core ideas.)

How have the Global Alliance and NPSC partnered?   

We have been most closely involved in NPSC’s Rapid Response Network.  One of NPSC’s primary goals is to create the capacity to communicate research-based prevention information quickly.  We are participating as part of their rapid response team to provide research findings on topics such as juvenile justice, child welfare, crime prevention and human trafficking to government staff.  We also have partnered with NPSC in organizing and participating in Congressional Briefings. 

How would you like to see the Global Alliance partner with NPSC in the future? 

The opportunities are endless.  I’d like to see us partner on the development of policy briefs and other position statements.  We also see ourselves working with NPSC on organizing Congressional Briefings.  Perhaps most importantly, I’d like to see us encourage the participation of students and early career professionals in actively engaging in activities supported by the Global Alliance and NPSC.  The partnership provides a wonderful opportunity for young professionals to engage with more experienced scientists and practitioners to enhance their understanding of the application of comprehensive, multi-sector prevention strategies.