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U S CapitolFounded in 1923, the Global Alliance for Behavioral Health and Social Justice (founded as the American Orthopsychiatric Association) advocates for policies, practices, and research aimed at preventing behavioral health disorders and promoting conditions to ensure that people with disorders can be full participants in society. Historically, the Alliance has been a "heterogeneous 'community' of individuals drawn together because of a common interest – dedication to the study of human behavior broadly conceived and its relationship to mental health service delivery" (Shore and Mannino, 1975).

The Global Alliance has a rich history of advocacy for the rights of others at the state, national, and international levels. With the assistance of our members, we develop resolutions, position statements, and policy briefs. We have co-sponsored and participated in Congressional Briefings on a variety of topics. And, in the past, we have participated in amicus curiae briefs on such important topics as the right to adequate treatment, discrimination against individuals with mental retardation, discrimination against individuals with prior hospitalizations for mental health treatment, competency to consent to treatment, and the death penalty for individuals with mental retardation. We develop our social action agenda through our task forces and committees and in collaboration with other organizations with shared interests.


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Shore, M.F., and Mannino, F.V. (1975). Mental health and social change. 50 years of Orthopsychiatry. New York: AMS Press, Inc.