Student Resources 

Webinar Series

From Idea to Impact: Demystifying Social Justice Policy Processes
Check out the recording from the Student and Early Career Task Force's recent webinar. This foundational webinar is an introduction to international social justice policy for graduate students and early career professionals to demystify the process and timelines behind creating positive policy change. 

Policy 101

At the Global Alliance conference "Coming Together 2018," the conference Student Planning Committee put on two policy related events for students and early career professionals. The first was a Policy 101 workshop led by Dr. Jill McLeigh and Robin Kimbrough-Melton. Download the Powerpoint from their presentation for more information.

At the conference, students also led a networking event for student members to meet and learn about the policy-related work of professionals involved with the Global Alliance. Creating opportunities for students to learn about policy work, as well as to engage in this work alongside the Global Alliance is a priority of the organization. 

External Policy Resources

The Student and Early Career Professionals Task Force 

The SEC Task Force is the Global Alliance's newest task force, chaired by Amber Kraft and aimed at highlighting both the contributions and needs of student and early-career members. The Student and Early-Career Task Force is an opportunity to continue building on the “Policy 101” theme important to many student members of the Global Alliance. 

Maybe you’re still exploring the basics – What is policy? Who makes it? How do I learn more about it? Perhaps you’re already immersed in policy work that you’re ready to share with the Global Alliance’s broader membership. You might even be ready to take action on policies affecting your experience as a student or transitioning to the next phase of your career. The Student and Early-Career Task Force is dedicated to bringing these perspectives into the Global Alliance’s ongoing policy work, and ensuring that student and young professional voices are at the forefront of these activities. To join the Student and Early-Career Task Force email us to indicate your interest.

Awards & Funding Opportunities 

Vera S. Paster Award: The Vera Paster Award is presented annually to a graduate student or post-graduate resident or fellow in a behavioral health or social justice program. Recipients of the award have engaged or are engaging in work that contributes significantly to the social, educational, physical, or psychological well-being of persons of color, thereby promoting their empowerment and ameliorating disadvantage from oppression and its effects. Learn more!

Connect with Us

Join our Student and Early Career Professionals Facebook page! In order to join, you must be a member of the Global Alliance. Email Cecily Basquin if you'd like to be added to the group.