WellbeingWell-being has been used for some time as a way of measuring progress towards indicators for child success. However, New Zealand's approach to well-being is novel. The architects of this strategy hope that it's an approach to tackle long-term challenges by working collaboratively. The priorities were developed with well-being analysis, drawing on demographic data and evidence and advice gained through collaborating with science and sector experts.

The Well-being budget has three fundamental elements:
  • Utilizing a ‘whole of government’ approach by stepping out of the silos of agencies and working together to assess, develop, and implement initiatives to improve well-being.
  • Looking at intergenerational outcomes.
  • Moving beyond narrow measures of success.
The Well-being budget focuses on five priorities:
  1. Taking mental health seriously.
  2. Improving child well-being.
  3. Supporting Maori & Pasifika aspirations.
  4. Building a productive nation.
  5. Transforming the economy.
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